My first postcard: 'The Kiss' by Constantin Brancusi

What Is It?

For my latest art project I am sending 100 postcards to 100  people*. Each postcard will feature an artistic image taken from The Art Book on the front and a unique, original piece of art** created by me on the back.

So what's the idea behind it all?   

We all love to receive something exciting and interesting through the post, but in today's digital age the chance of receiving handwritten letters and notes are all but gone. All you can expect to come through your letterbox these days are bills and junk mail. I want this project to remind people receiving something through the post can still be an exciting and interesting experience.  

I also hope to spark people's imagination and curiosity and remind everyone that life can throw up interesting stories and experiences.

The recipients will (hopefully) ask, 'What does it mean?', 'Who sent it to me and why?'

Why use postcards?

There is something quite unique about postcards. From the time it is written to the moment it pops through your letterbox it has had an amazing journey and everyone who has come into contact with it has had chance to look at it and read it. So for this project, those people also become part of the story.

 (*Friends,fellow artists,some carefully chosen people and some chosen completely at random)

(**sketches,poems,collages,quotes,stencils,photos,finds,cut-outs,paintings and anything else that pops into my head)

“Send me things in the mail. Wherever you go, I don’t care where you go, just send me something in the mail from where you are.” —Wallace Berman